With a 130 year company history and over 50 years experience in hormonal therapies, Besins Healthcare are world leaders in gynaecology and andrology.

Now Present in more than 100 countries, we remain committed to ensuring physicians and patients have access to innovative hormonal therapies and the knowledge to benefit from them.

1885 Laboratories Besins Founded

1885 Laboratories Besins Founded, achieving international success with "Vin de Bugeoud"

1975-1980 Expand women's Health

1975-1980 Besins expand their women's health offering to include fertility and menopause

1921 Launch Veinosine

1921 - Besins Healthcare launch their first pharmaceutical product, Veinosine.

1982 First Men's health treatment

1982 - Launch of Besins healthcare's first hormonal treatment in men's health

1965 Acquire Iscovesco

1965 - Besins acquires Iscovesco Laboratories, marking their entry into hormonal products

2003 Testogel launched

2003 Testogel launched - The first ever testosterone gel for male hypogonadism

1971 First transdermal gel

1971 - Besins Healthcare bring the world's first transdermal gel hormone therapy to market