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Unexplained anaemia

Amir has been suffering with

the symptoms of anaemia for a

long time…

…but yet so far no cause has

been found.

Amir, aged 68

Amir - cancer treatment
See me

Patient profile is fictional and for illustrative purposes only.

Prevalence and consequences

Testosterone deficiency (TD) may be the cause of your patient’s unexplained anaemia.1-3


Testosterone may help regulate erythropoiesis1,3

The link between testosterone and erythropoiesis has been established for decades, with testosterone potentially playing a key role in the stimulation and regulation of the haematopoietic system.1,3

Therefore, low levels of testosterone could be detrimentally impacting red blood cell production, which may be the cause of unexplained anaemia in your male patients.1-3

Have you considered TD as a possible cause of unexplained anaemia in your male patients?


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